Football Kit Colours

Update 30/08/2019 - Colours updated for the 2019/20 season.

I needed a set of colours to use for a football score display i was building, unfortunately I couldn’t find any available source for this, so I set about creating my own.

AFC Wimbledon’s InfoBox

AFC Wimbledon’s InfoBox

Fortunately Wikipedia was able to come to the rescue. Wikipedia is great for finding lists of items and it does have a list of all football clubs within the first 10 levels of the English Football League system. Wikipedia.

From this list it also links to the Wikipedia page of the club where one exists (a few of the clubs in the lower tiers do not yet have Wikipedia pages). The infobox on these football club pages also show the clubs kits, this may be empty for some of the smaller teams, just show the Home Kit or show the Home, Away and Third kits.

Through python’s Beautiful Soup library I was able to go through the complete list of football teams and find these kit images for the team. These images were then analysed by Python’s Pillow library to break them into blocks of similar colours. Any colour meeting set thresholds were then stored as primary kit colours for that club.

Currently these colours are for the 2018/19 season and will be updated for 2019/20 near the beginning of the season once new kits have been revealed and their wikipedia pages updated.

These club colours have been made available at

Should anyone have use of this data in a different format i will be happy to provide it, get in touch using the contact form on this website.